Drudge Report Alternatives

Now that the Drudge Report seems to have gone anti-Trump, conservatives are looking for an alternative go-to-site for the news of the day. The following is a list of recommendations.


Just like Drudge these sites just provide links to other news articles.

The Liberty Daily Mimics Drudge's format to a T but with conservative content.
Whatfinger A lot of news. Aggregates news from other conservative aggregators. I like that this site doesn’t refresh all the time. That said, the amount of content is a bit overwhelming.
Bongino Report Less content and categories than others but also much cleaner and easier to read than most.
Rantingly Another approximation of the Drudge format with some twists like Twitter feeds of notable people.
Citizen Free Press A lot of conservative news links. A bit too much scrolling down the page required for my taste.
Lucianne.com Plenty of content. Very flat format. I like the article synopses that let you get the gist without having to click the link first.
Free Republic Popular site with plenty of content. Forums too. Nicely organized.
Instapundit Libertarian blog by Glenn Reynolds


These sites offer plenty of links or references to news but more of their own commentary

Liberty Nation Site for grass roots conservatives and those who lean libertarian.
Ron Paul Liberty Report Commentary and analysis from the standard bearer of personal and economic freedom, peace, and monetary prudence.

News Sites

The following is a list of conservative news organizations.

Breitbart The go to news site for many conservatives
One America News Relatively new on the block but generating ground breaking stories that corporate news won’t cover.
Newsmax A household name for conservative news.
CNS News Seeks to provide news without the liberal bias.

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